Cervical Auscultation in Dysphagia Management

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Date(s) - 28/10/2019 - 10/10/2020
12:00 f m

Göteborgs universitet

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This course includes a two day workshop which introduces clinicians to dysphagia management using cervical auscultation (CA). The CA technique is used to enhance the clinical swallow examination (CSE) and improve dysphagia intervention/management for clinicians working in (re)habilitation and with adults patients with swallowing difficulties. Strong dysphagia management includes, not only assessment, but the appropriate, ongoing clinical review of dysphagia progression and response to intervention/rehabilitation. Dysphagia management using CA should contribute to a timely, efficient and cost effective service for our clients/patients – this which is being demanded from clinicians more and more within our current economic constraints and today’s cost-benefit health service focus.

(1) Pre-workshop assignments, at home/workplace (28/10 – 05/12, 2019),

(2) Two-day workshop, at Gothenburg University (09/12 – 10/12, 2019) 

(3) Post-workshop assignments, at home/workplace (10/12, 2019 – 10/01, 2020).




Since this is a practical, hand-on skill learning workshop, places are limited to 34. Registration deadline: 18th October 2019.